Joe Cawley is an award-winning author, screenwriter, travel writer and copywriter. He lives in the hills of Tenerife with his family and an assortment of other wildlife.

His first book, More Ketchup than Salsa, was voted ‘Best Travel Narrative’ by the British Guild of Travel Writers and went on to become a Kindle bestseller.

Joe’s work has been published in many national and international publications including The Sunday Times, New York Post, Conde Nast Traveller and Taipei Times.

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Our Little Lies

A novel of marriage and deception that asks: Is it better to comfort with a lie, or to kill with the truth?

Grace and Justin have been trying for a family for years. So, when Grace finally announces that she is pregnant, she isn’t prepared for Justin’s reaction. Why does he act so strangely? Why does he leave and never return?

Two years later, while at the seaside with baby Daniel, Grace sees Justin—who is desperate to come home, but can’t reveal the reason he left. However, Grace too is harboring a secret, one that won’t just hurt Justin—but will destroy him completely.

One thing is certain: their secrets will be exposed. And when they are, neither Grace nor Justin will be prepared for what follows . . .

“Gemma Metcalfe is a fresh new talent.” —Phoebe Morgan, author of The Doll House

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More Ketchup than Salsa:
Confessions of a Tenerife Barman

When Joe and Joy swap life on a cold Lancashire fish market to run a bar in the Tenerife sunshine, they anticipate a paradise of sea, sand and siestas. Little did they expect their foreign fantasy to be as exotic as a wet weekend in Wigan.

” Probably the best book I have read this millenium!”

“If you buy one book this year… make sure you get this!”

“Brilliant book… very funny…”

Even More Ketchup than Salsa: The Final Dollop

If the first six months of running the Smugglers Tavern had been a baptism of fire, the subsequent years were about as much fun as bobbing for apples in a vat of acid. The calamities continue in this award-winning series.

“Funny, emotional and identifiable, loved every minute…”

“Another corker from Mr Cawley”

“Couldn’t put it down. Made me happy, made me sad, then happy some more.”

Less Ketchup than Salsa: Finding my Mojo in Travel Writing

Throw in the patter of little feet, sharp teeth, amputations and a smattering of characters from their Tenerife bar days, and you have another serving of Ketchup – only this time, it’s a little more salsa.

With the Smugglers Tavern still a nagging ghost of their past, Joe and Joy free themselves from limpet-like patrons, battle once more with Spain’s bungling bureaucracy and dip a toe in numerous but short-lived careers to stop their bar money evaporating.

Less Ketchup than Salsa is a true story about growing up, finding your dreams in the most unexpected of places and discovering what’s truly important in life.

More Ketchup than Salsa
The two-book Boxset

Combining both the bestselling More Ketchup than Salsa: Confessions of a Tenerife Barman, & Even More Ketchup than Salsa: The Final Dollop, this boxset brings you the whole hilarious story from start to finish, all at a magnificently discounted price.

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Moving to Tenerife:
All you need to know…

Ever been to Tenerife on holiday and toyed with the idea of making your stay a more permanent one? Relocating abroad can seem daunting. Moving to Tenerife is theessential guide that will show you the easiest path to begin enjoying a new life in the sun as soon as possible.

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Tell me where to send
some embarrassing pics from my bar days.



“If you buy one book this year... get this!
Brilliant book about living in Spain... very funny...
Probably the best book I've read this millenium!
Full of humour, laughter and tears.
Fantastic, hilarious, painful.
If you enjoy true stories and Bill Bryson type travel memoirs then you'll also enjoy Joe Cawley's books.
Witty and entertaining. Buy this book, it really is worth it.
A real page turner.
A brilliant book from start to finish...
A delight to read.”


“Pure enjoyment!
Another corker from Mr Cawley.
Couldn't put it down.
Made me happy, made me sad, made me happy some more.
Funny, emotional and identifiable, loved every minute...
Beautifully observed...
Heartbreakingly emotional...
Reminds me a lot of Derek Longden's equally poignant books and plays...
Honest and compelling read.
Loved this book!
Excellent book, fascinating read.”


“Best narrated book ever listened to!
Magnificent, marvelous, more please!
Brilliantly narrated.
My favourite book in audio.
Loved it, loved it, loved it...
Out loud, gut-busting humor!
Audio narration was fantastic...
Entertaining from first line to the last.
Would make a great TV series.”


“A great book narrated by a superb storyteller.
Wonderful book, brilliantly read...
Lots of laugh out loud moments...
A real rollercoaster of a ride...
The storytelling is spellbinding...”

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