Bear with me!

I've got the decorators in, revamping the website.


Decided it was time for a change. The paint was flaking, mildew was rising, the roof was falling in... and that's just me personally. So I got the decorators in, and very shortly, if not shortlier, I shall have a brand spanking new home where you're all personally invited anytime, day or night. Just bring biscuits. I like biscuits. Oh, and lemon curd, bit partial to that too. Anyhoos, in the meantime, pop over to my Facebook cardboard shack for a cuddle and a warm-up. I've got coffee, you'll just need your own cup. And biscuits. Did I mention I like biscuits?

You can still by More Ketchup than Salsa here, though, and The Final Dollop here. (Gotta pay those decorators somehow!)